The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine

A worldwide organization of medical doctors dedicated to Educating and Empowering Health Professionals to Support and Manage Breastfeeding, Lactation, and Human Milk Feeding

For almost 30 years, ABM has been bringing doctors together to provide evidence-based solutions to the challenges facing breastfeeding across the globe. A vast body of research has demonstrated significant nutritional, physiological, and psychological benefits for both mothers and children that last well beyond infancy. But while breastfeeding is the foundation of a lifetime of health and wellbeing, clinical practice lags behind scientific evidence.

Since its incorporation in 1995, ABM has been building a global community of medical doctors with diverse backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and specialties. Through its worldwide membership, peer-reviewed journal, Fellowship in Breastfeeding Medicine, Annual International Meeting, and partnerships with other organizations, ABM has created a network of experts and advocates to drive medicine forward in this crucial area.

By building on our legacy of research into this field and sharing it with the broader medical community, we can overcome barriers, influence health policies, and change behaviors.

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 ABM 2024 Conference 

ABM Grand Rounds

ABM Grand Rounds is a live webinar program offered each month addressing current clinical practice guidelines in the care of breastfeeding parents and infants. Each Grand Round is recorded and offered as on-demand education in the ABM Education Center.

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ABM's Published Protocols

Gain access to Protocols that facilitate best practices in breastfeeding medicine. Our Protocols serve only as a guide for the care of breastfeeding parents and infants and do not delineate an exclusive course of treatment or serve as standards of medical care. Variations in treatment may be appropriate according to an individual patient’s needs. There are 35 Protocols translated into multiple languages available.

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